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All patients receiving intrathecal baclofen therapy are potentially at risk for withdrawal.

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Popl with kidny poblms: I you hav kidny poblms a histoy kidny disas, you may not b abl tcla this dug om you body wll. This may incas th lvls baclon in you body and caus msid cts. I you hav kidny disas, you doctmay stat you at a low dos.

This list is not complt and oth dugs may intact with baclon. Tll you doctabout all mdications you us. This includs psciption, ov-th-count, vitamin, and hbal poducts. Dnot stat a nw mdication without tlling you docto.

Whn unning on th platoms listd abov, th ollowing bowss a suppotd:

Th dtmination optimal dosag quis individual titation. Stat thapy at a low dosag and incas gadually until optimum ct is achivd (usually btwn 40-80 mg daily).

This class dugs has bn in th national and woldwid spotlight in cnt yas bcaus th addiction and dpndnc thy caus. vn in popl wha pscibd opioids pain li, it’s possibl tbcom addictd. Whn a physician is discussing pscibing a patint baclon, it’s natual thy might want tknow i it’s a nacotic. This is bcaus th sid cts nacotics and thi habit-oming potntial.

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discontinuation of baclofen can be associated with a withdrawal syndrome which resembles benzodiazepine withdrawal and alcohol withdrawal.

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